Environmental Report
IHI Group Basic Environmental Policy

Global warming is becoming a pressing issue due to increasing greenhouse gas emissions.
Part of IHI's mission is to reduce the environmental burden of its operations and protect the environment in whatever way possible. The IHI Group Basic Environmental Policy was written to accord with Basic Code of Conduct, Article 7: Responsibilities toward the Global Environment. This is one of IHI's many tireless, proactive approaches to mitigate its impact on the global environment.

IHI Group Basic Environmental Policy

  • Article 1. Establishment of Environmental Management System
  • To ensure continuous improvement of environmental management, the IHI Group establishes an environmental management system, sets specific objectives and executes an action and a performance evaluation.
  • Article 2. Compliance with Environmental Laws and Regulations
  • The IHI Group complies with environment-related laws and regulations/agreements, policies/plans in related industries, and strives to stipulate and apply independent management standards to enhance environment management.
  • Article 3. Provision of Environmentally-Friendly Products
  • The IHI Group provides the society with the products/services that contribute to reduce environmental burdens.
  • Article 4. Reduction in Environmental Burdens in Business Activities
  • The IHI Group strives to preserve environment and reduce environmental burdens in its all business activities.
  • Article 5. Environmental Education
  • The IHI Group, through environmental education, raises awareness of all people engaging in operations, including officers, employees, and temporary staff of IHI Group companies, thereby they are able to act having concern with environmental problems on their own.
  • Article 6. Disclosure of Information
  • The IHI Group actively participates in the society, disclose information, and develop communications to commune with local communities and preserve regional environment.

Revised October 2015