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How We Use Human Resources

Message from the General Manager of Human Resources Division

Managing Human Resources to Strengthen Our Earnings Foundations

Masato Shida

Associate Director
General Manager of Human Resources Division

In 2013, IHI established its current Group Human Resource Management Policy, including human-resource management concepts that are being shared throughout the group and core values for all members of the IHI workforce.
The policy is designed to ensure that all group employees – not just those in IHI Corporation – have opportunities to grow and to build workplace environments where diverse employees can realize their full potential in concert with IHI’s Management Philosophy and Group Vision.
Group-wide discussions were held to consider what constitutes ideal human resources. It was determined that all employees should be sincere, dependable, creative and innovative; should serve customers and society as a whole; should contribute as team players; and should act and perform like world-class professionals. These values are applied as a matter of policy in every process of human resource management, from recruitment to training to evaluation.
The Group Human Management Policies 2016 also aim to nurture an organizational climate that improves IHI’s revenue base by creating ideal human resources, and spawns creativity and innovation by promoting greater diversity in the IHI workforce and linking the various mindsets that emerge in this environment.
Moreover, IHI is proactively addressing recruiting and developing human resources to drive business strategy, and exploring ways to manage human resources to steer global business.
IHI continues to solidify the foundations of principles it has long pursued, including workplace safety and hygiene, risk management, mental healthcare, building trust with labor unions, and respect for human rights. IHI also continues to look ahead to formulate new strategies and strengthen its workplace environments so that all employees can perform to the best of their abilities.

Group Human Resource Management Policy

The IHI management principles clearly state that human resources are our single most valuable asset. We firmly believe it is necessary to develop supportive systems, workplace environment and corporate culture that help each employee realize his or her full potential with common values.
From this perspective, in 2013 we formulated the IHI Group Human Resource Management Policy to be shared by group employees, in which five ideal traits of human resources and guidelines based on the keywords of “group,” “global” and “diversity” are provided.
The Group Management Policies 2016 also state that we should thoroughly permeate ideal traits and promote diversity more to foster a corporate culture that spurs further creation and innovation. We will also develop human resources to support our business strategies and sustainably grow our business, and introduce human resource management system for global business operations.

Group Human Resource Management Policy

In line with IHI’s management principles and Group vision, IHI creates values for customers by wielding our engineering expertise that has “Monozukuri” technology at its core.

  • 1.In order to become an enterprise of distinguished global professionals who strive to excel in “Monozukuri” and engineering technologies via world-renowned high quality products, the ideal traits determined here for human resources shall be permeated throughout the group and shall serve as shared values for group employees.
  • 2.The ideal traits of human resources shall serve as a foundation for establishing HR management policies in order to provide group employees with opportunities to develop.
  • 3.We shall provide a work environment where people of diverse backgrounds can demonstrate their abilities and are in tune with the management principles and Group vision of IHI.

■ Ideal Traits of Human Resource

Integrity and Trust
For Customers and Society
Innovation and Creation
World-Class Professional



Underlying Thoughts

IHI strives to provide its entire workforce with workplace environments where all persons feel respected, welcome, motivated and rewarded. A crucial component of this has been to craft strategies that include women, foreign nationals, persons with disabilities and the elderly for greater diversity. This mindset is the pretext to weaving a wide range of values into the organizational climate to spawn creativity and innovation. Moreover, IHI recognizes the sanctity of human rights and endeavors to ensure full respect in all activities at all times.
Such efforts help to bolster a sense of unity within IHI, motivate and enhance the abilities of every employee, and create a more open corporate atmosphere.

Workforce Demographics

■IHI Group Workforce, by Region

Region Workforce
Japan 22,751
Asia Oceania 3,664
Americas 1,127
Europe, Middle East & Africa 1,952
Total 29,494

As of March 31, 2016

■Workforce by Age and Gender (IHI Corporation)

  Men Women Total
Under 30 1,699 248 1,947
30 to 39 1,838 276 2,114
40 to 49 2,043 336 2,379
50 to 59 1,166 63 1,229
60 and over 605 4 609
Tota 7,351 927 8,278

As of March 31, 2016
Includes regular and rehired employees

■Employees by Employment Status (IHI Corporation)

  Men Women Totala
Regular Employees 7,042 925 7,967
Re-hires 309 2 311
Seconded by other companies 255 38 293
Constants and contract employees 205 10 215
Part-time employees 103 403 506
Fixed-term employees 83 27 110
Total 7,997 1,405 9,402

※As of March 31, 2016
Note: 1,312 part-time workers are excluded above.

■Turnover Rate and Average Length of Service by Gender (IHI Corporation)

[Less than 3 years with company]

  Men Women Total
Total 4.8% 9.1% 5.5%

Based on employees who entered IHI in 2013

[Average years of service]

  Men Women Total
Total 14.7 12.1 14.4

As of March 31, 2016

Respect for Human Rights

Raising Awareness

IHI addresses human rights in its management philosophy, which cites human resources as IHI’s single most valuable asset. Actual awareness activities began in 1981 with the establishment of the company-wide Dowa Promotion Committee. Recognizing our corporate social responsibility, we formulated a basic policy to resolve social discrimination issues in support of a fair, non-discriminatory society, which is now a key aspect of IHI’s business.
Based on plans and policies drawn up by the company-wide committee, each worksite has since established a local Dowa Promotion Committee. In light of domestic and international trends and changes in the social environment, these committees have undertaken education and awareness activities that address a wide range of human rights issues relevant to each workplace, including the treatment of social outcasts.
Outside Japan, other key human rights issues include child labor and forced labor. IHI believes it is also important to address such issues from a global perspective.
In this context, the Basic Code of Conduct of the IHI Group in 2010 was amended to list respect for human rights as a fundamental principle of the company, based on which IHI is implementing various initiatives on an ongoing basis. These activities are reported to executive management to convey their importance throughout the IHI Group.
No human rights violations, including the use of child/forced labor, were reported during the year.

Human Rights Training

In 2015, 5,137 employees participated in position-specific training, training at IHI offices and plants, and training conducted by third parties, to deepen awareness and knowledge of human rights, compliance, harassment and more.

Equal Wages for International Recruits

IHI practices fair and impartial wage setting both in Japan and in international locations. Employees are treated equally-regardless of gender-and basic wages are set in the same manner.