Together with Shareholders and Investors

Message from the General Manager of the Public Relations/IR Department

		   General Manager of the Public Relations/IR Department,Takayoshi Shirai

Takayoshi Shirai

Associate Director
General Manager of the Public Relations/IR Department

IHI carries out IR activities to strengthen its relationships of trust with shareholders and investors, and ultimately to improve corporate value. In addition to meeting the core needs of timely and appropriate information disclosure, we work to fulfill our responsibilities to shareholders and investors by providing swift and accurate response to their inquiries.
The Public Relations/IR Department provides briefings or telephone conferences to institutional investors every quarter to explain IHI’s financial reports, performance and so forth. Audio and video recordings of these meetings are uploaded to IHI’s website on the same day to allow all shareholders and investors to stay informed.
Many other opportunities for direct communication with Japanese and overseas institutional investors are created through one-on-one interviews, visits and so forth, thereby enabling them to deepen their understanding of IHI.
Moving forward, we will continue to enrich our communication with shareholders and investors.

Basic policy

IHI Corporation is well aware that timely, appropriate disclosure of corporate information to investors forms the foundation of a sound financial instruments market. Based on the basic principle of promoting highly transparent management throughout the Company, its basic policy with regard to disclosure of information is to disclose important information relating to the Company's management or operations to participants in capital markets promptly, accurately, continuously, and fairly, always from the investor's perspective. The basic policy also calls on the Company to show good faith in being accountable for its management course and key business operations.

System for promoting dialogue

The director responsible for the Public Relations Division oversees investor relations (IR) activities, while the director responsible for the Administration Division oversees shareholder relations (SR) activities. In addition, the Company shares information about every aspect of IR activities, including the collection, sharing, disclosure and storage of material information, by holding meetings led by the director responsible for public relations and investor relations, attended by the Public Relations Division, the Administration Division, the Corporate Planning Division, and the Finance & Accounting Division.

IR Information

IHI Integrated Report 2017

IHI Integrated Report 2017

To communicate timely and appropriately with investors and other stakeholders, IHI publishes the IHI Integrated Report, which discloses precise financial and non-financial information. Briefings for financial analysts and institutional investors are held when the financial results for the second quarter and full year are announced. IHI also organizes telephone conferences after announcing its financial results for the first and third quarters. At each briefing held this year, we provided approximately 100 people with an overview of the term’s financial results, our progress in implementing ongoing business plans.

Dialogue with shareholders

Guided by above basic policy, IHI pursues IR and SR activities, working to enhance its range of disclosure documents and holding financial results presentation meetings, as well as presentations by business division. Through such means as making these available online, the Company strives to provide proactive and fair disclosure.
IHI Corporation also engages in debate on important management policies, corporate governance, and other topics with major shareholders who have investment policies according with the medium- to long-term interests of shareholders. Dialogues with investors are handled by the Public Relations Division, while dialogues with shareholders are handled by the Administration Division, and depending on who has applied to attend, and the purpose and content of the dialogue, directors or executive officers in charge may also attend. Important dialogue content is reported to the Board of Directors.

Communication with Overseas Investors

IHI’s proactive IR activities are deploying increasingly diverse communication channels, including direct meetings, investor conferences and one-on-one interviews. In FY2016, as in the prior year, IHI managers travelled to North America, Europe and Asia to strengthen relationships with institutional investors. Many investors expressed satisfaction with our briefings, providing feedback such as "It was good to receive explanations directly from top managers" and "The detailed explanations enabled me to learn more about IHI's business.
Also during the year, investor conferences, one-on-one interviews and other methods were implemented to communicate with some 170 foreign institutional investors.

Activities in FY2016

Plant tour for shareholders

Plant tour for shareholders

To win the long-term trust and affection of shareholders, IHI organized a tour of its Yokohama Works for shareholders under a new initiative called the Information Delivery Service. Showing shareholders where IHI develops its products and technologies enables them to sense firsthand our monozukuri (precision manufacturing) capabilities and our connection with society. The plant tour will be held again in FY2017.

Plans in FY2017

FY2017 is the second year of our Group Management Policies 2016 three-year plan through FY2018. During this period, IHI will hold meetings with analysts and investors to raise awareness of our efforts to strengthen earnings foundations in our four main business areas.

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