IHI Corporation


Marine Diesel Engines, Small Engines, Propulsion Units and Lubricating Systems

IHI also supplies gas turbines for naval vessels and high-speed ships, large diesel engines for medium- and low-speed applications and medium- to compact diesel engines for high, medium and low speed applications.

Marine diesel engines

  • DU-WÄRTSILÄ 6RT-flex50 diesel engine

    DU-WÄRTSILÄ 6RT-flex50 diesel engine

    The DU-WÄRTSILÄ 6RT-flex50 is the newly-developed and user-friendly engine with electronically-controlled common rail system for the injection and exhaust valve actuation which can achieve optimum combustion performance at all ship speed, and it's superiority in reduced exhaust gas emissions, especially smokeless operation is well known in the marine world.

  • Diesel engine “28AHX”

    Diesel engine “28AHX”

    The diesel engine is an “environment-friendly” medium-speed diesel engine (2,050 to 3,330 kW) for the next generation, which obviously complies with the IMO Tier II NOx Regulations as well as focusing on the future.

  • DU-S.E.M.T. Pielstick diesel engine

    DU-S.E.M.T. Pielstick diesel engine

    The DU-S.E.M.T. Pielstick medium-speed diesel engine is used as the main engine for large ferries, passenger ships and diesel power plant.

Propulsion units

  • Z-Peller


    The Z-peller is the most popular propulsion unit in the world's tugboat market. Customers highly evaluate this propulsion unit for its high quality and durability.

Lubricating systems

  • Precise Dispensing System

    Precise Dispensing System

    System is capable of suppling a fixed amount of material with high accuracy.
    Applied in diverse field in combination of Pump, Dispenser and Nozzle.

  • Auto Greastar

    Auto Greastar

    Installed on small sized machines such as Press, Machine tool in Industrial field and such as Truck, Bus in Chassis field for cost saving.