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In every era, IHI has diligently pursued the cutting-edge to better serve our advancing society and
improving living standards. Five exhibit zones present IHI's journey and achievements.
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History Exhibit Follow the path of IHI's history of over 150 years through the episodes symbolizing each era and the innovative products created during that era. Entrance Zone The founding and history of IHI, featuring an actual Weseley CP truck - the first truck manufactured and sold in Japan - and the first jet engine to be manufactured entirely in Japan.
TOPICS CORNER HISTORY5 2000~ HISTORY4 1990~1999 HISTORY3 1969~1989 HISTORY2 1946~1968 HISTORY1 1853~1945 Entrance Zone
Topics Zone This zone presents information about IHI in a fun and in-depth format, including the "i-muse fun facts visual station"exploring the make up of IHI products and their relation to society and the "Library Reading Corner", a collection of books pertaining to company history and other topics of interest.

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