Reinforcement & Retrofit Works

We are urged by society to effectively utilize existing social capital stock and extend its lifetime. Our challenges include not only repairing bridges deteriorated and damaged over years to restore their original state, but also reinforcing and remodeling them to improve their performance for increasing traffic volumes, seismic proof and other future demands.

Seismic reinforcement work

Seismic reinforcement work for large-scale truss bridges

Reinforcement work to improve the earthquake resistance of a 35-yearold large-scale truss bridge constructed on soft soil to prepare for massive earthquakes.

Metropolitan Expressway
Metropolitan Expressway

Metropolitan Expressway

Seismic reinforcement work overseas

IHI Infrastructure is carrying out large-scale bridge seismic reinforcement projects in Istanbul, Turkey. This project consists of four sections, including the first Bosporus Bridge, are underway. The early completion of the projects is hoped to prepare for massive earthquakes.

Ministry of Public Works, Republic of Turkey

Ministry of Public Works, Republic of Turkey

Reinforcement of corners and supporting points of steel piers

A 40-year-old steel pier that still stands and endures heavy traffic, the supporting points of which, also including the upper girders or bearings, have been significantly damaged. We are in charge of reinforcing the corners of the piers, including their surrounding areas and supporting points.

Client: Metropolitan Expressway
Client: Metropolitan Expressway

Metropolitan Expressway


Widening work is carried out in order to mitigate chronic congestion on expressways. Projects in city centers require considerably challenging design, fabrication and implementation techniques, as they involve the renovation of structures within limited space while ensuring continuous traffic flow.

Nagoya Expressway

Nagoya Expressway

Triborough Bridge (Harlem River Lift Span) Deck Replacement

New York City, NY, USA.
Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority
Year of Completion:
Total Length:
Approx. 2,000 t
Total Steel Weight:
70.1m+94.5m+70.1m = 234.7m

Feature:Steel deck replacement of Triborough Bridge (Harem River Lift Span) originally built in 1936.