IHI Logistics & Machinery Corporation

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    Quality & License - Offering a high-quality logistics service for peace of mind -
    Construction license types  ISO9001: 2015 certifi cation obtained
       We have obtained 23 types of work licenses, allowing us to
respond to any logistics service request

License number: Tokyo mayor license (Special-28) No. 70624
In order to offer even better products and services, we have
obtained the international quality standard, ISO9001.

JICQA registration mark  JAB certifi cation mark
  Civil engineering Plumbing  Glazing 
  Building  Tile/brick/block works  Painting 
  Carpentry  Steel structure works  Waterproofi ng 
  Plastering  Reinforcement wo  Interior fi nishing 
  Scaffolding/earthworks  Paving  Machinery 
  Masonry  Dredging   & equipment installation
  Roofi ng  Sheet metal works  Heat insulation works 
  Electrical works    Joinery works 

1. Registration scope:
 Development, sales, design, manufacture, procurement,
 installation, and after-sales service for distribution and production
 plants, and related equipment and parts that constitute plants.

2. Registering body: JIC Quality Assurance Ltd.
3. Accreditation standard: ISO9001:2015/JISQ9001:2015
4. Registration no.: 0073
5. Registration date: April 24, 1995
License number: Tokyo mayor license (General-28) No. 70624
  Fire protection facilities works