IHI Power Systems Division

IHI Corporation

Power System Lineup

IHI offers a full lineup of a variety of gas turbines with power output per unit from 2 MW to 40 MW, to provide appropriate power generation system to customers with the customization and optimization of the power generation system to meet their needs.

LM6000 Series

40-MW to 50-MW class

LM2500 Series

15-MW to 30-MW class


Rio Tinto
• Model LM6000 × 3 units
• Simple cycle Power generation plant
• Power output: 120MW
• Site: Australia

MCJ Energy Service Co., Ltd.
• Model: LM2500 × 1 unit
• Combined Heat and Power (Cogeneration) system
• Power output: 21.9 MW, Steam: 75t/h
• Site: Chubu region, Japan