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LM6000 Series

IHI High-end Model to Meet a Variety of Needs

As gas turbines derived from the CF6-80(*) model for jet engines developed by GE with high reliability and best-in-class power generation efficiencies, the LM6000 Series models continue to be some of the best-selling gas turbines in the world.
More than 1,000 LM6000 gas turbines has been manufactured by GE, the number of LM6000 has being increased in recent years.
*The CF6-80C2 has high reliability rates of 99.97% through 76.5 million hours of operation as an aircraft engine.

Product Features

1. Top-Class power generation efficiencies in the world
2. High reliability founded on abundant experiences in the field
3. Capability to start up and shut down gas turbine at rapid speed with aircraft engine technology
4. Dual-Fuel : Capability to use both gas fuels and liquid fuels
5. Capability to prepare and deliver gas turbine in short time
6. Availability of burners with low NOx emissions for selection
7. Light weight, compact size, and ease of maintenance
8. Support for SPRINTTM (Output Boost Kit)

Introduction of the SPRINTTM (Spray Inter-cooled Turbine) SYSTEM

The LM6000 gas turbines are controlled by using various parameters like the rotational speed, temperature, pressure, and other parameters. For example, compressor outlet air temperature is used as one of those parameters. This parameter is important because the compressor outlet temperature is needed to be lower than the threshold value in consideration of the cooling performance. The extracted air from the compressor is used for cooling high pressure turbine system. For example, if the intake air temperature is high, the compressor outlet temperature will also be high. At this time, the fuel supply flow is limited in order to keep the compressor outlet temperature not to be exceeded the threshold temperature, but it will also cause the power output decrease.

The SPRINTTM SYSTEM works to spray water at the inlets to the low-pressure compressor (LPC) and high-pressure compressor (HPC), which decreases the temperature at compressor outlet by depriving the heat of vaporization(evaporation).

In addition, the SPRINTTM SYSTEM enables to increase 12% power output at ISO condition when the amount of additional fuel is supplied and the temperature drops below the threshold value, or to increase 30% power output at ambient temperature of 32℃ at same condition.

Product features

Simple cycle performance

  LM6000PC LM6000PD
(Dry Low Emission Burner)
Frequency 50 Hz 60 Hz 50 Hz 60 Hz
Power output at the generator terminal 42290 kW 42717 kW 40520 kW 41090 kW
Efficiency at the generator terminal 39.6% 40.0% 39.9% 40.3%

*Usage conditions: Atmospheric pressure: 101.3 kPa, Inlet air temperature: 15℃

Thermal efficiency for the 100-MW combined-cycle (with two LM6000PD units)

Frequency 50 Hz 60 Hz
Thermal efficiency at the generator terminal 51.3% 51.8%

*Usage conditions: Fuel: City gas, LHV: 41.7 MJ/Nm3, Atmospheric pressure: 101.3 kPa, Inlet air temperature: 15℃

Combined heat and power (cogeneration) performance

Model LM6000PD LM6000PH
Power output 41400 kW 47900 kW
Fuel consumption rate 8.82 MJ/kWh 8.89 MJ/kWh
Thermal efficiency at the generator terminal 40.8% 40.5%
Total thermal efficiency 82.9% 83.4%
NOx (O2 = 16%) 21 ppm 13 ppm

Inlet air temperature: 15℃
Atmospheric pressure: 101.3 kPa
Boiler supply water temperature: 60℃
Steam conditions: 0.78 MPaG saturated
*The above performance values list average performance in New&Clean mode.
*Note that the above performance values may be subject to change without prior notice.

Standard LM6000 Layout Diagram/Combined-cycle (2 GT Units)

Symbol Name
1 Gas turbine generator
2 Heat recovery steam generator
3 Steam turbine generator
4 Electrical room/Control room
5 Transformer yard
6 Gas turbine cooling tower
7 Cooling tower
8 Fuel gas compressor
9 Air compressor
10 Water treatment unit and clean water supply unit
11 Deionized water tank
12 Chiller for inlet air cooling