Community Service

Activities in FY2015

Contributing to nurturing the next generation of scientists

Jet engine small-size model

As a Japanese “Monozukuri” (precision manufacturing) company, IHI is participating in social activities that help to nurture the next generation of scientists. As part of our activities, we developed a science class aligned with the elementary school curriculum with the theme of “Aero Engines” in collaboration with the Ochanomizu University Science & Education Center. After learning about the history of aero engines and their structure using models, students perform an experiment to deepen their understanding. We held this class in elementary schools near our offices in FY2015. These elementary school students are our future, and we hope they will become interested in “Monozukuri” by encountering this cuttingedge technology. IHI will expand these activities to cultivate the next generation of engineers.

Charity walk in support of resolving food issues

Walk the World participants
(May 2015)

IHI participates in the activities of the United Nations World Food Program (WFP), in order to contribute to solving world food problems. Every year, we sponsor the WFP’s Walk the World. In FY2015, over 350 employees and their families took part in this charity walk along the Yokohama waterfront (450 in 2016). Participants enjoyed walking with their IHI logo sports towels and raised their own and others’ awareness of poverty and starvation in Africa and Asia. IHI will continue to contribute to the resolution of food problems and nurturing the next generation.

Activities in FY2014