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Community Service

Message from the General Manager of Administration Division

Communicating with host communities

Kazuki Awai

Executive Officer
General Manager of Administration Division

IHI believes that company offices and facilities have the responsibility as community members to communicate with local residents to solve local issues together. IHI is committed to nurturing close relationships with all of its host communities.

■ Participation in local events in FY 2015

May: Aioi Pe-ron Festival

The Pe-ron Festival’s history traces back to IHI’s roots as a shipbuilder, when it held aquatic sports events. Although the festival is now organized by Aioi city, it is still conducted in front of an IHI waterfront factory. The 2015 event atracted some 110,000 visitors and IHI sponsored six boats.

July: Soma Wild Horse Chase (Soma Nomaoi)

The Soma Nomaoi, an annual festival going back more than 1,000 years, is famous for its staged fight among warriors on horseback. In a parade associated with the festival, young IHI employees shoulder a portable shrine from Soma Nakamura Shrine and the head of the local IHI office rides a horse.

November: IHI Forum 2015

IHI opened its head office in Toyosu to display its products and technology to the local public. Agricultural and marine products from communities that host IHI offices and factories around Japan were sold and scientific experiments were performed for children.

February: Wheelchair Basketball

IHI supports the wheelchair basketball team representing Japan. In February, the company opened its gymnasium in Yokohama to the team for a training camp. During that period, exhibition matches were held and local residents were given an opportunity to experience playing wheelchair basketball.

IHI also stages two orchestral concerts at the head office in Toyosu every year. The concerts are attended by local people of all ages.

Basic Policy

IHI recognizes the importance of each individual in society and respects the unique characteristics of each local community. By leveraging its experience and collective expertise, IHI contributes to the resolution of societal issues, even those outside of the company's specific business areas. IHI supports efforts to improve host communities, focusing on five key themes, as part of its commitment to social responsibility.

Conserving biodiversity

Total spending on social contributions in FY2015: 230 million yen

Community Services