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Initiatives targeting Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
̶ Through Technological Development

Group-wide technological development

Group Technology Strategy 2019 defines technological-development program under IHI’s new medium-term plan,
which focuses on solving issues affecting specific customers or society overall. A major emphasis of the strategy is to do away with the conventional approach of offering technologies because we believed they were good and instead develop technologies sought by customers or society.

Initiatives for Open Innovation

“Design thinking”to realize customer needs —The evolving shape of open innovation—“Design thinking”to realize customer needs —The evolving shape of open innovation—

Achieve SDGs by providing products and services.Achieve SDGs by providing products and services.

IHI Tsunagu Lab (IHI innovation hub) was established in 2014 as a hub for collaborating with diverse customers and partners to create new value.
Design thinking, which is basic to all initiatives for open innovation, is the development of products and services from the customer’s perspective. IHI and Tohoku University of Art & Design (TUAD: Yamagata city, Yamagata Prefecture), which nurtures design thinkers, formed a tie-up to conduct joint workshops, etc. in December 2018.
IHI and TUAD operate the I-To Lab. in Yamagata city to solve issues. The lab, which is also helping to vitalize its surrounding community, facilitates innovation by combining the technological and design capabilities of both partners. The name joins the first syllables of each partner’s name, “I” and “To,” and the resulting word “ito” means “thread” in Japanese, signifying that I-To Lab is a research facility that connects products and value, companies and universities, Tohoku and the world, customers and IHI, and engineering and design.


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