Environmental Report
Message from General Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility Division

Increasing Emphasis on Environmental Management

Chikako Oshima

The threat of climate changes is becoming more evident around the world. At the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 21) held in December 2015, goals were set to greenhouse gas emission and absorption levels, and to improve global society’s ability to adapt to the threat of climate changes. In addition, the UN General Assembly adopted the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to establish multiple targets for environmental protection in September 2015.
IHI has four main business areas—Resources, Energy and Environment; Social Infrastructure and Offshore Facility; Industrial System and General-Purpose Machinery; and Aero Engine, Space and Defense. Each of these areas offers opportunities to tackle key environmental issues. IHI’s senior management team, recognizing the need to run the group in an increasingly environment-friendly manner, spearheaded the IHI Group Environmental Vision 2013 to spell out specific environmental activities up to FY2018, centering on the themes of reducing the environmental burdens of IHI’s products/services and business activities and strengthening IHI’s environmental management.
Under the IHI Group Environmental Action Plan 2013 covering the three years up to FY2015, IHI largely finished the task of establishing a foundation for conducting business in an environment-friendly manner. This included setting up an system of guidelines to designate products and services that are environmentally friendly, based on which 10 products have received this designation so far. Also, in FY2015, IHI participated in the Eco-Products exhibition for a third consecutive year to inform stakeholders about IHI products that are helping to prevent climate change.
The IHI Group Environmental Action Plan 2016 was launched in April 2016 as a three-year initiative to strengthen efforts at each group company to enable the IHI Group to operate in a more environment-friendly manner.
IHI continues to build on its organizational culture of encouraging each employee to think independently about how their work affects the environment and what they can do, and then take action. Such awareness among employees is steadily being enhanced to ensure that IHI does whatever it takes to help solve environmental problems and thereby meet the expectations of society.