Environmental Report
Reducing the Environmental
Burdens through Products/Services

Environmentally Friendly Product Certification

In FY2014, IHI introduced an in-house certification scheme to identify products and services that offer outstanding environmental performance. The aims were is to raise environmental awareness among employees, help reduce environmental burdens and protect the environment by producing more environmentally friendly products and services.
Eleven products have been certified as environmentally friendly—four in 2014, six in 2015 and the most recent one in November 2016. Going forward, we expect to steadily expand our list of environmentally friendly products.

Certification process

The Environmental Committee, a group-wide organization, evaluates products based on the five criteria below. Certification as an environmentally friendly product is effective for three years.

Energy efficiency
Improves energy efficiency, and recovers exhaust energy and/or energy-load leveling

Reduced greenhouse gas emissions
Reduces, absorbs, captures, stores and decomposes greenhouse gas emissions; produces renewable energy; and/or reduces fluorocarbons

Resource saving
Reduces natural-resource consumption during the manufacture, usage or maintenance stages, and/or facilitates recycling

Reduced environmental risks
Reduces waste/pollution in terms of air, water, soil, noise, vibration, ground subsidence and smell, and/or promotes environmental-data monitoring

Biodiversity protection
Helps to protect ecological habitats and/or locate facilities from an ecological viewpoint

Certified products

IHI certified four products as environmentally friendly in FY2014, six in FY2015 and one in November 2016.

Product certified in FY2016

■Energy-saving multistory parking lot

A five-story car parking lot built by IHI became the first parking lot that obtained a five-star rating of the Building-Housing Energy-efficiency Labelling System, known as BELS. The system, established by a Japanese law, rates the energy efficiency of buildings from five stars for highest efficiency to one for lowest. The structure in Tachikawa, Tokyo was built for Nippon Parking Corporation, a parking lot operator.

Products Certified in FY2015

■IHI-IC Reactor

The IHI-IC Reactor efficiently processes organic wastewater, including that from breweries. Methane gas generated by the reactor can be used as fuel for electricity generators and boilers.


HEAT INNOVATOR is a 100kW organic Rankine cycle turbo generator that uses unutilized heat of between 80°C and 200°C. Its oil-free magnetic bearing eliminates sliding parts for reduced maintenance. Optimal placement of modules results in a small footprint for flexible installation.

■LNG Smart Satellite

LNG Smart Satellite stores and vaporizes LNG to supply fuel gas. The facility cuts CO2 emissions by using LNG for oil and helps to disperse storage for more stable energy supply. Installation can be carried out quickly.

■Industrial solar power system

Solar power is a major renewable energy. IHI supports customers throughout the system's lifecycle, including pre-construction planning, design, construction, maintenance and legal procedures.


NitroJet is a technology for creating an ultra-high pressure jet of liquid nitrogen to clean, chip and cut surfaces. The technology efficiently decontaminates objects without using water, eliminating the necessity to process wastewater.

■Community Cycles

Community Cycles is a system for sharing bicycles parked at bike stations in designated areas. The system encourages the use of bikes instead of cars to help reduce CO2 emissions.

Products certified in FY2014

■Vehicular turbocharger

IHI's vehicular turbocharger features a downsized engine displacement and reduced fuel consumption, which were realized by improving output power and torque.

■Heat Recovery HR Series 20kW small-scale binary electric power generator

The Heat Recovery Series generates electricity using low-temperature water ranging from 70°C to 95°C. The generator interconnects power systems. The small-package generator has a maximum sending-end output of 20kW.

■IWV-34C Vacuum Degreaser

This compact facility for degreasing metal parts uses low-temperature boiling in a vacuum for efficient cleaning with reduced solvent. IHI's Cryo system dries parts with unprecedented speed.

■Toyosu Foresia Eco-friendly Building

Toyosu Foresia, a building designed to save energy, uses sunlight concentrators to light indoor spaces and generate electricity. It also reuses wastewater. The highly quake-resistant building is well equipped for natural disasters. Greenery accounts for 44% of the site's land.