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IHI Group Material Issues

Material Issues

The IHI Group defined the Group Management Policy 2019 for the purpose of contributing to sustainable society from a long-term perspective. We have identified two material issues in these policies: pursuing material issues as the foundation of business operations and pursuing material issues through business operations.

Pursuing material issues as the foundation of our business

The IHI Group divides 14 material issues into environmental, social and governance categories as a foundation of our business. The IHI Sustainability Data Book 2020 provides a breakdown of our activities to address each material issue.

Pursuing Material Issues Through Business

The IHI Group set following nine issues and themes for each issue to address though business. These themes are updated as necessary as we strive to solve social issues through our business activities.

Material Issues Priority Activities
Climate change
  • Increase energy efficiency
  • Control and reduce consumption of fuels
  • Control and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, including CO2
Circular economy
  • Control and reduce consumption of natural resources
Environmental protection
  • Expand anti-pollution measures (seven types of pollution)
  • Prevent chemicals in products from being released into the atmosphere
  • Protect native species
Stable supply of energy and resources
  • Contribute to balancing of environmental consideration and stable energy supply
  • Develop and utilize resources replacing fossil fuels and rare metals
Building and maintaining social infrastructure
  • Renew and extend life of aged infrastructure
  • Disaster recovery support
  • Improve infrastructure of each country
  • Compact, functional urban development
Developing a mobility society
  • Optimize the mobility of people and materials
Strengthening and sophistication of "Monozukuri" (manufacturing and engineering)
  • Evolution of industrialization
  • Evolution of products and services
  • Utilization of IoT/ICT, AI
Utilization of aerospace
  • Efficient and reliable means of aerospace transportation
  • Utilization and application of acquired data
Securing safe and stable living
  • Alleviate safety and security issues

Material Issues Identification Process

The IHI Group identifies material issues through the following process in an effort to achieve a sustainable society and sustainable Group growth.

Material Issues Identification Process

Material Issues Identification Process

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