• Performance Objectives

Performance Objectives

Financial information(billions of yen)
  FY2010 FY2011 FY2012 FY2013 FY2014 FY2015
Net sales 1,187.2 1,221.8 1,256.0 1,304.0 1,455.8 1,539.3
Operating income 61.3 43.3 42.1 53.2 63.2 22.0
Profit attributable to owners of parent 29.7 23.8 33.3 33.1 9.0 1.5
R&D expenses 29.2 30.0 30.2 33.5 37.0 41.6
Investment in plant and equipment 86.3 53.5 55.0 54.5 63.9 50.8
Depreciation and amortization 38.2 41.1 41.7 40.4 43.2 46.7
Overseas net sales 512.0 521.0 486.3 618.5 758.0 796.9
Percentage of overseas sales 43% 43% 39% 47% 52% 52%
Total assets 1,361.4 1,338.1 1,364.2 1,496.3 1,690.8 1,715.0
Interest-bearing debt 373.3 345.2 353.8 357.8 410.6 374.5
Net assets 253.6 258.4 299.2 362.5 359.5 333.3
Cash flows from operating activities 95.5 24.7 74.3 39.2 63.5 95.3
Cash flows from investing activities -77.7 -37.7 -61.0 -62.2 -74.6 -35.5
Free cash flow 17.7 -12.9 13.3 -23.0 -11.0 59.8
Cash flows from financing activities -25.9 -38.5 -3.1 11.3 33.4 -47.5
EPS (Earnings per share)1 20.29yen 16.26yen 22.81yen 22.51yen 5.88yen 0.99yen
BPS (Book value per share)2 162.33yen 170.84yen 197.08yen 223.68yen 224.03yen 206.16yen
Cash dividend per share 3yen 4yen 5yen 6yen 6yen 3yen
Operating margin 5.2% 3.5% 3.4% 4.1% 4.3% 1.4%
ROIC (Return on invested capital)3 6.2% 4.6% 4.5% 5.3% 5.8% 2.3%
ROA (Return on assets)4 2.1% 1.8% 2.5% 2.3% 0.6% 0.1%
ROE (Return on equity)5 13.2% 9.8% 12.4% 10.5% 2.6% 0.5%
D/E ratio6 1.47 times 1.34 times 1.18 times 0.99 times 1.14 times 1.12 times
  • All financial figures are on a consolidated basis, unless IHI Corporation is specified.
  • 1 Profit attributable to owners of parent ÷ Total number of shares issued
  • 2 Net assets ÷ Total number of share issued
  • 3 (Operating income + interest and dividend income) after-tax ÷ (owner’s equity + interest-bearing debt)
  • 4 Profit attributable to owners of parent ÷ (average of total assets at end of previous term and end of current term)
  • 5 Profit attributable to owners of parent ÷ (average of owner’s equity at end of previous term and end of current term)
  • 6 Interest-bearing debt ÷ net assets
Areas FY2013 FY2014 FY2015 FY2016 Plan Future objectives
Measures Employee awareness Raised awareness of issues via e-learning programs Ongoing Ongoing Expanding reach of education Raise awareness of global CSR issues and show steps each individual should take to meet stakeholder expectations, earn trust and raise company value over the long-term
Relevant data Level of employee awareness 86% 89% 90% 90% or greater
Measures Risk management Set 12
priority policies
Set 14
priority policies
Set 16
priority policies
Set 18
priority policies
Relevant data Outside director meeting attendance rate 88% 95% 94% Outside director meeting attendance rate: 75% or greater Outside director meeting attendance rate: 75% or greater
Measures Compliance training Conducted compliance and risk management programs Ongoing Developed self-esteem program Ongoing Act ethically with a priority on sincerity and fairness, so as to comply with internal, national and international rules, laws, regulations, prescribed practices, internal policies and procedures
Globalization of compliance system Reviewed IHI’s and Regional Headquarters for the Americas’compliance system Improved IHI’s and Regional Headquarters for the Americas’compliance system Clarified compliance system for overseas subsidiaries Ongoing Establish Group-wide global compliance system
Relevant data Hotline reports 158 238 333 - -
Supply chain
Measures Procurement policy awareness ・Surveyed 1,332 major domestic business partners
・Established IHI Group Policy on Conflict Minerals
・Reviewed survey findings
・Established environmental control guidelines
Deployed throughout IHI Group domestically and overseas Reinforce publicity throughout IHI Group domestically and overseas Expand the IHI Group Basic Procurement Policy to major suppliers in order to create trust relationships, mutual benefit and competitiveness
Procurement personnel training ・Started training courses for local procurement personnel
・Introduced training courses on procurement-related laws, regulations and tax systems of priority emerging countries
・Ensured procurement compliance, including in the management of chemical substances
・Held procurement seminars for global procurement personnel
・Imparted e-learning to procurement personnel
・Held procurement seminars for global procurement personnel
・Impart e-learning to procurement personnel
・Hold procurement compliance seminars for overseas affiliates
Ensure global procurement compliance
Health and safety
Measures Reinforcing health and safety management ・Established IHI Group Safety and Health Committee
・Introduced mental resilience training
・Introduced new health management system
・Introduced OHD(Occupational Health Dynamics) assessments
・Introduced standards for responding to medical checkup results
・Established IHI Group Central Safety and Health Committee
・Direction and support for major IHI Group affiliates
・Enhanced health and safety management overseas
・Enhanced health management for employees dispatched overseas
・Selected as a Health and Productivity Brand
・Direction and support for major IHI Group affiliates
・Expand Health and Safety Management Assessment method to affiliates
・Enhance health and safety management overseas
・Communicate the Healthy Management Declaration
Work to ensure workplace environments are healthy and safe for all people working for or with IHI
Relevant data Rate of occurrence of work-related accidents requiring time off work 0.21 0.24 0.22 0.00 -
Number of annual leave days taken 16.27 days 16.02 days 15.92 days 16 days or more -
Measures Gender diversity ・Promoted awareness of gender diversity
・Established networks for female personnel
・Supported women’s career ambitions and increased motivation
・Heightened awareness of gender diversity among male employees, especially those in managerial and supervisory positions
・Identified obstacles to gender diversity
・Promoted work-life balance
・Expanded gender diversity initiatives throughout the Group
・Improved male employee awareness of gender diversity
・Provided ongoing support for networking among female personnel
Ongoing Foster inclusive workplaces that share our Management Philosophy and the IHI Group Vision. Provide greater opportunities for employees to develop and grow
・Announced numerical targets related to gender diversity
・Introduced support system for employees returning to work
・Selected as a Nadeshiko Brand
・Executive Officer Mizumoto received the Award for Cultivating Women Engineers
・Prepared diversity page for official website, released messages from top executives
・Diversity Promotion Month (November)
・Followed up on Group company initiatives
・Formulated an action plan on the Women’s Advancement Promotion Law
・Selected as a Nadeshiko Brand
Employment opportunities for persons with disabilities ・Received internship participants
・Joined ACE (Accessibility Consortium of Enterprises)
・Ensured appropriate workplaces and workload for persons with disabilities
・Posted job openings on an employment site for people with disabilities
Participated in joint briefing session hosted by a company supporting persons with disabilities Ongoing
Employment opportunities for seniors Introduced optional retirement age system where employees have the option to work until their 65th birthdays Reviewed life planning seminars Held new life planning seminars (for regular employees 58 years of age and 50 years of age) Raise base wages for those 60 years and older (Selective retirement scheme individuals)
Employment opportunities for non-Japanese persons Recruited candidates from priority areas(Asia) Ongoing Ongoing Ongoing
Relevant data Female recruitment College graduate:
College graduate:
College graduate:
College graduate:
(Those hired in April and planned for October)
・College graduate:15%
or greater of total
10% or greater,
Administrative: 35% or greater)
・Technical: 15 or more in FY2016-2018
Number of female managers 44(1.6%) 51(1.8%) 60(2.1%) 66(2.5%)
(As of April 1, 2016)
・3% or greater (FY2018)
・3.5% or greater (FY2020)
Number of female officers 0 1 1 2
(1 is an outside auditor)
・1 or more (FY2018)
・1 or more (FY2020)
Percentage of employees returning to work after childcare leave 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%
Employment rate of person with disabilities 2.02% 2.04% 2.15% 2.0% or greater 2.3% (FY2018, April)
Recruitment of new non-Japanese graduates 14 11 9 7
(Not including planned October hires)
Measures Environmental management Began the IHI Group Environmental Action Plan 2013 (FY2013-2015) Established energy consumption, CO2 emissions and waste reduction targets and monthly monitoring program Finished creation of environmental impact collection system Initiate the IHI Group Environmental Action Plan 2016 (FY2016-2018) 【IHI Group Environmental Vision 2013 Goals through FY2018】
・IHI’s vision is to make environmental sustainability an integral part of all Group communities by working together with our customers and business partners around the world
Relevant data CO2 emissions from business activities 259,000 tons 296,000 tons 297,000 tons Less than 300,000 tons Less than 300,000 tons
Reduction in CO2 emissions from products and services Estimated 12 products/services contributing Estimated 11 products/services contributing Organized calculation and publication methods 2.5 million tons or greater 10 million tons (FY2018)
Number of environmentally friendly products certified - Number certified: 4 Number certified: 10 Sales ratio 10% or greater Sales ratio 70% or greater(FY2018)
CDP climate disclosure scores 91 97 99 Management level
(Same level as previous year)
CDP climate performance bands B A B -
Nikkei Environmental Management Survey
(Out of 500 points)
403 411 436 400 or higher 400 or higher