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CSR Message from the President
Management Practices and CSR
Basic Code of Conduct
Key Issues Addressed by IHI
Corporate Philosophy and Policies Corporate Philosophy
IHI Group Vision
Group Management Policy
Company Profile About IHI
Financial information Financial Highlights
Consolidated Financial Report
Annual Securities Report, etc.
Environmental Environmental Management Message from the General Manager of CSR Division
Basic Policy
IHI Group Basic Environmental Policy
Environmental Management
Group Environmental Action Plan
Reduce environmental impact of products and services
Climate Change Countermeasures Reducing Energy Consumption
Reducing GHG Emissions
Reducing Energy Consumption in Transportation
Building Recycling Societies Improving Waste Management
Appropriate Management of Toxic Waste
Reducing Water Consumption
Lowering Environmental Risks Water Pollution Prevention
Soil Contamination Prevention
Chemical Substances in Products
Appropriate Management of Products Containing Chemical Substances
SOCIETY Customer-oriented Approach Message from the General Manager of Sales Headquarters
Improve Quality
Safety design and quality improvement
Disclosure of Information about Products and Services
Supply Chain Management Message from the General Manager of Procurement Strategy Planning Division
IHI Group Procurement Policy
Mutual Prosperity with Business Partners
Initiatives for Legal Compliance
Human Rights IHI’s Respect for Human Rights
Respect for Human Rights
Human Resource Message from the General Manager of Human Resources Division
Group Human Resource Management Policy
Human Resource Development
Promoting Diversity
Creating Better Workplaces
Health and Safety Management
Community Service Message from the General Manager of Administration Division
Activities Focused on Society
Social Contributions
Governance Corporate Governance Basic Stance
Corporate Governance System
Compliance Basic Policies
System for Implementing Compliance Activities
Risk Management Basic Policies
Risk Management System
Research & Development Massage from the General Director of Corporate Research & Development
Group Technology Strategy
Research & Development

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