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Social Contribution Activity

Wheelchair Basketball Events

The IHI Group has been supporting the Japan Wheelchair Basketball Federation since 2015 and hosting social gatherings with players throughout Japan.
In fiscal 2019, IHI Group invited Nagano players to the Tatsuno Civic Center in the Kamiina district to hold an exhibition match and hands-on visitor experience. About 250 people from the local community and IHI Group employees working at the Tatsuno Representative Office enjoyed the exhibition match and social gathering.


Tomioka Rocket Festival (IHI AEROSPACE Tomioka Representative Office)

The IHI AEROSPACE Tomioka Representative Office has held the Tomioka Rocket Festival since 1998 as an opportunity for everyone to experience the world of rockets firsthand.
Visitors to the 22nd Tomioka Rocket Festival held in fiscal 2019 built and launched plastic bottle and model rockets as well as toured an exhibition of products and technologies used in space. This festival even hosted performances by the local Gunma Symphony Orchestra and the Gunma's official mascot for the roughly 3,000 people who participated from the neighboring regions to enjoy.


Bonds of Tohoku Festival (IHI Head Office)

The IHI Group held the Bonds of Tohoku Festival in the atrium of the IHI head office to spotlight the Tohoku area and help support revitalization of the region after the Great East Japan Earthquake. This festival introduced the industrial and touristic development of each Tohoku prefecture while providing booths selling local goods and introducing traditional customs. There was even a buffet offering a feast of food made using ingredients from Tohoku.
This exhibition to share the bonds between the IHI Group and the Tohoku region also introduced initiatives in each of the Tohoku prefectures to the roughly 3,000 people who visited during the two-day event.


Disaster Support Volunteer Activities (IHI Aero Manufacturing)

IHI Aero Manufacturing volunteered for disaster support activities in Nagano City, Nagano, which was severely damaged by Typhoon Hagibis in October 2019. These volunteers helped the local community as it struggled with many flooded houses as well as power and water outages during the typhoon, and assisted in restoring the apple orchards. A total of 60 employees took part in these activities every weekend over about four months.


IHI Atrium Concert (IHI Head Office)

IHI uses the atrium at its head office building in Toyosu to host a variety of orchestral concerts for everyone in the local area.
We held concerts in spring and fall in fiscal 2019. We welcomed about 500 people to each concert. The fall concert was the 10th held as a popular event enjoyed by a diverse audience made up of people and families both young and old.


Lecture for Elementary and Junior High School Students (IHI Head Office)

The IHI Group teaches classes at elementary and junior high schools in the hope of sparking interest to nurture next-generation of science professionals who will take on the future of manufacturing. We hold these classes jointly with Ochanomizu University through a curriculum that shares how science and technology help society to evoke interest in the sciences and encourage natural science studies in school.
In fiscal 2019, the classes focused on jet engines as part of the educational curriculum for five elementary and junior high schools near the head office. Many of the students also expressed how the experiments after the classes made them even more curious about the natural sciences.


Toyosu Mirai Project (IHI Head Office)

The Toyosu Mirai Project launched in fiscal 2019 is a cooperative network of citizens, companies, and universities in Toyosu that works to build a bright future for the Toyosu children.
In its initial year, IHI held a total of four programs together with SCSK Corporation and Shibaura Institute of Technology, which are all based in Toyosu, with the participation of about 100 children. The program brought a deeper interest in science and technology through constant creation and experimentation. We will continue to hold and expand this program in the future.


Aioi District Office Natural Environmental Protection (IHI Aioi District Office)

The IHI Aioi District Office stands amid the rich natural environment of the Aioi Bay and mountain forests. Because the grounds are roughly 70% lush green areas, this business site conducts plant and animal surveys and builds green infrastructure.
In fiscal 2019, IHI Aioi District Office surveyed the topography and plant distribution of its mountain forest in more detail. It also digitizes and centrally manages all survey results as cartographic information. In the future, we will use this data to create specific conservation plans and better protect diverse and plentiful forest resources.


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