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Diversity and Inclusion

Basic Approach

The IHI Group positions and actively promotes diversity as one of the main human resource strategies.
Diversity creates new value and evokes innovation by bringing people with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives together. These benefits drive us to not only hire diverse human resources but also provide employees with experience in business overseas, deploy staff to partner companies, government agencies, and start-up companies, and participate in joint research with universities, research institutes, and other corporate organizations. We also empower women, foreign nationals, people with disabilities, employees past retirement age, and gender minorities to actively participate in the IHI Group.

Evaluation by Third Parties

Please see “Evaluation by Third Parties” for more information about third-party diversity and inclusion commendations and certifications.


Diverse Human Resources

Female Employees

The IHI Group takes various steps to further empower female employees to more actively participate. We actively strive to hire and train excellent human resources, provide opportunities for management and executive promotions, and offer supporting environment through workshops, seminars, and other various activities.

Our Network Leadership Program focuses on female managers as primary role models and helps female employees build personal networks. The programs aims to build a working environment where female employees can confidently consider career opportunities together with life events by talking with members close to them about any concerns that they may have.
We also hold seminars taught by guest instructors every year to help career development of female managers, training and coaching provided by their superiors, and continuation of their career while considering major life events. Our hope is for everyone to find an exciting career path.

Network Leadership Program Structure

Network Leadership Program Structure

Employees from Abroad

The IHI Group offers various supports for employees with foreign national as part of creating an environment where capable individuals can work with enthusiasm regardless of nationality. To create such an environment, we offer various training to improve Japanese language ability, cultural exchanges to help create social network between employees from abroad.
We will continue to further activities to provide a workplace where every employee can actively participate regardless of nationality.

Persons with Disabilities

The IHI Group actively promotes active participation of employees with disability. We have a support system such as assigning dedicated support staff to help employees with disabilities engage in operations and general activities in the company. We also offer training for developing their careers as well as training and coaching by a superior. We will continue to empower people with disabilities to reach their full potential in the future through knowledge, proper support, and workplace understanding.

People Past Retirement Age

The IHI Group promotes active participation of employees past retirement age. We provide a program for each employee to decide when to retire between the ages of 60 to 65.
More than 80% of employees past the age of 60 are actively participating in their current role. A policy to appoint employees with a high-level of expertise and technical skill creates a system to encourage human resources at retirement age to actively pass on their knowledge and skills.
We also offer a wide range of seminars about their future work-styles for employees in their 50s to carry out their independent career plan suited to individual life plan.

Gender Minorities

The IHI Group is promoting to create a working environment where LGBTQ+* can reach their full potential. As part of our support for gender minorities, we provide employment programs, corporate dormitories, and other welfare benefits as well as cultivating gender minority advocates through an ally program and other networking and enlightenment opportunities.

IHI LGBT Ally Program Logo Logo handed out to advocates of the ally program

* LGBTQ+ refers to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning, and a plus sign for other gender minorities.

Diverse Experience

The IHI Group positions and actively promotes diversity as one of the main human resources strategies. We offer an environment where employee with diverse backgrounds, experience, and perspective can actively participate. We are also expanding programs and opportunities to enable each employee to widen their perspectives and gain experience.


We clarify business operations and human resources that are required for our long-term business ideals and in business and technological strategies to achieve those ideals. We strategically conduct mid-career and new graduate recruitment as well as year-round and global recruitment to expand our recruitment channels.

Transfers and Postings

We are expanding opportunities for the employees to gain various experiences and perspectives through rotations between different divisions, off-site training, assignments at partner companies, public sectors, and start-ups, participating in joint development with universities, research institutes, and other companies. We are also increasing the number of internal opportunities to enable each employee to build their careers independently.


We provide opportunities for employees to gain diverse experience and perspectives through interacting with external human resources by dispatching employees to external training, external activities, and academic societies.

Child Raising

Child Raising Support Programs and Consultation Services

The IHI Group has put in place various tangible and intangible support programs to support work-life balance and the active participation of all employees raising children. We distribute handbooks and leaflets to raise awareness and encourage use of these programs and their use as well as set up a consultation service to support based on individual circumstances and needs.

List of Maternity, Child Birth and Child Raising Programs

We have one handbook for individuals taking childcare leave and one for their superior. This information provides guidance on things to share with colleagues and think about before and after taking leave. We also encourage male employees to take at least two weeks of leave when their spouse gives birth.

Childcare Leave Handbook
Pamphlet promoting male employees to take childcare leave
IHI Daycare Center

The IHI Group offers two IHI daycare centers to provide a clear, strategic return to work foundation for Group employees taking childcare leave. We have also built partnerships with third party daycare centers to provide childcare services just in case an employee needs to work on a weekend or holiday. Our Group will continue to flexibly adapt to the needs of our employees by enhancing the support provided in each workplace.

IHI Daycare Center Daycare Center

Return to Work Training After Childcare Leave

The IHI Group holds a return to work seminar to support work-life balance and encourage the active participation of employees returning to work after childcare leave.
This seminar provides a place for these employees to share worries with peers and learn from mothers and fathers with similar experiences to alleviate worries and offer hints and tips to better work-life balance. Planning a medium- to long-term career plan helps better motivate people.

*The IHI Group does not restrict any employee from taking leave or time off to raise children or those interested in the return to work seminar.

Return to Work Seminar After Childcare Leave

Nursing Care

Nursing Care Support Programs and Consultation Services

The IHI Group has various initiatives to give employees who are taking care of sick family to fully utilize their capabilities. We are expanding welfare benefits to support nursing care through nursing care leaves, flextime policy, telecommuting, and other employment programs. In addition, we distribute guidebook to support employees who are working while taking care of sick family to raise awareness about these programs. Furthermore, we set up consultation service to support individual circumstances and needs.


Nursing Care Training

The IHI Group holds online nursing care seminars to raise awareness about the wide range of corporate and social support available to promote initiatives that can alleviate any fears employees may have about nursing care.

Outpatient Medical Care

Work-Life Balance Program Supporting Medical Care

The IHI Group offers various supports that cover the individual circumstances and needs to enable employees that are continuing treatment while working through programs to help employees return to work, use of annual leave that has expired, flextime, employment restrictions, hourly leave, telecommuting, and various commuting and operational considerations.

Universal Design

The IHI Group is promoting installation of gender-neutral, multipurpose restrooms based on universal design to accommodate the needs of employees with disabilities and gender minorities.

Consultation Services for Foreign Nationals, Child Raising Support, and Harassment

The IHI Group provides internal consultation services to help employees from overseas and those raising children as well as help anyone facing harassment throughout the Group. These services give our employees peace of mind and encourage a friendly, proactive working environment. We have also partnered with expert third-party consultation services as a system to properly handle a variety of consultation needs.

General Business Owner Action Plans

Companies must draft general business owner action plans to ensure work-life balance in accordance with the Act on Promotion of Female Participation and Career Advancement in the Workplace and the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children.
The IHI Corporation has drafted and discloses action plan that ensure an employment environment that provides work-life balance and various working conditions for employees both with and without children. This plan incorporates specific targets and measures to achieve those objectives as well.

PDFGeneral Business Owner Action Plan (April 1, 2019 to March 31, 2023)(Japanese Only)

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