Message from the President

Becoming a Corporate Group that Creates New Value

The IHI Mission

IHI’s corporate philosophies are “Contribute to the development of society through technology” and “Human resources are our single most valuable asset.” Our mission is to leverage the skills and strengths that our employees have accumulated over our 160 year-plus history to realize the dreams of our stakeholders and society.
This is expressed in our corporate slogan, "Realize your dreams." IHI strives to fulfill its mission by pursuing growth and enhancing its corporate value to become a trusted corporate group.

Social Responsibility as a Global Company

Improving IHI’s performance in international society as a global company will surely help us to fulfill our mission.
The world is facing many global-scale issues, including problems targeted by the sustainable development goals (SDGs) adopted by the Paris Agreement (to fight climate change) and the United Nations. If we effectively pool our Group’s skills, people power and global network, we can do our part to help solve such issues around the world, as well as achieve sustainable development. This is the social responsibility of a global company.
To satisfy the various needs of people around the world, IHI must build an organizational culture focused on creativity and innovation. This is why IHI hires and nurtures diverse people. Furthermore, to ensure that our diverse professionals share a common set of values, our IHI Group Basic Code of Conduct has been translated into 18 languages and distributed to all employees to guide them in their everyday activities.

Linking with Society

We must communicate closely with our stakeholders to help them realize their dreams as a company that creates new value. This is why we place a strong emphasis on engaging all of our stakeholders in constructive dialogue to thoroughly convey our company’s stance. Going forward, we will continue working closely with all of our Group companies to contribute meaningfully to society's sustainable development.

We welcome your frank feedback on these and other matters.