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The IHI Group has defined the long-term approach and declared that it will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society. The most important resources are our technologies and our people. The technological strength, human resource power and relationships with customers cultivated in our history of more than 160 years are foundations we must continue to cherish.

Human resources are essential to a company’s vitality. In light of the increasingly diverse nature of society, we are rethinking how we nurture talent and whether we should change our approach to recruiting. For IHI, which provides prosperity, safety and security to the global community, diversity and inclusion is a critical theme. This is because “prosperity” is a subjective value that differs completely depending on the country, region and individual. Can an organization without any diversity in racial background, gender and age group really provide that? The answer is no.

“Contribute to the development of society through technology” is one of the tenets of our Management Philosophy, and our social mission. As the speed of change accelerates, our ability to respond quickly to society’s needs will be key. How can we sharpen and apply our technological strengths, and who should we form partnerships with? We must be more flexible in our thinking about our technologies, and not insist on doing everything ourselves.

Additionally, we are reinforcing quality assurance, safety and compliance based on the principles of sangen shugi (three realities) from the viewpoint of risk management. Sangen shugi espouses taking action after taking a close look at the genba (actual site), genbutsu (actual thing/service), and genjitsu (reality). It is the departure point for all our businesses. Furthermore, a healthy sense of urgency is important to properly managing risk. Nevertheless, if management simply preaches a sense of urgency from the top down, the desired effect may not be forthcoming because frontline workers may have difficulty picturing specific risk factors and feel anxious about the future. For that reason, it is important to create opportunities for bridging that gap through dialogue with employees.

The IHI Group has a long history of striving to build industries and infrastructure in concert with the development of society. That DNA has been passed down to the Group today, and we have a firmly rooted culture of wishing to work for and with society, which includes being first on the scene to repair infrastructure during times of disaster. This culture is not something that can be created overnight; it is a strength that has been shaped by the steady, sincere efforts of employees over the years.

As a manager that forges new paths, I will work with employees to pass on this unique DNA and dedicate my efforts to building the IHI Group into an enterprise that society can continue to rely on.

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