What's CloverTurbo?

What's CloverTurbo?

CloverTurbo Co., Ltd.® is the name of brand set up by IHI corporation specifically for turbocharger aftermarket.
We provide turbochargers equivalent to brand-new ones, and Reman turbochargers re-assembled with used parts/ turbochargers.


Can be applied to a wide variety of machines, ranging from automobiles construction machinery, boats and ships, to agricultural machinery and generators.

CloverTurbo Co., Ltd.® has a wide variety of lineup that can be installed in automobiles, construction machinery, small boats and ships, agricultural machinery, generators, and so on.
We provide products depending on vehicle type and/ or usage environment; for example, small light-weight turbochargers for Kei-Cars, turbochargers with VGS system to enhance fuel efficiency of engine for commercial trucks, and turbochargers with a built-in water jacket system for small boats/ships.

Three different types of lineup

We provide three types of lineup to meet our customers’ wide range of needs.

CloverTurbo Blue Label

In BLUE LABEL, only brand new parts are used to keep same quality as brand new turbochargers.

CloverTurbo Green Label

In GREEN LABEL, some important parts such as turbine wheel & shaft, bearing housing, compressor wheel and consumption parts are replaced to brand new parts,
and in all the other parts(Turbine housing, compressor housing etc.), remanufactured parts are used to provide high quality and reasonable price.

CloverTurbo Silver Label

In SILVER LABEL, remanufactured parts are used in all parts except consumable parts to provide reasonable products.

Note: Some items are set only one or two type(s) of labels.

Construction of Turbocharger

Construction of Turbocharger