CloverTurbo Product Features

In addition to brand-new proprietary turbochargers we designed, CloverTurbo Co., Ltd. also offers remanufactured turbochargers that satisfy our own quality standards. Our quality standards are equal to IHI's very exacting quality standards.
CloverTurbo also develops and sells high-performance turbochargers for racing and tuning.

Wide product lineup, including turbochargers for passenger vehicle, construction machinery, marine vessels, agricultural machinery and power generators

In addition to turbochargers for automobiles, CloverTurbo offers a wide product lineup, including turbochargers for construction machinery, small marine vessels, agricultural machinery and power generators.
We offer different types of products suitable for different purposes, such as compact and light turbochargers for kei vehicles, VGS turbochargers for the optimized engine effciency of large trucks, water-jacketed turbochargers for marine vessel safety and more.

Line Up

Two grades for different purposes

CloverTurbo Co., Ltd. offers two different grades of turbochargers: Blue and Green Labels.

The lineup varies depending on the models.

Blue Labe
Brand-new, yet reasonably priced, turbochargers we designed - Blue LabelBrand-new, yet reasonably priced,

High-quality brand new proprietary turbochargers with reasonable prices.

Green Label
Remanufactured turbochargers satisfactory in both quality and price - Green Label

These remanufactured turbochargers use brand-new parts for the rotor that is the core turbocharger component.
Recycled parts are used for the turbine housing, compressor housing and other such components.
Our Green Label products are remanufactured according to our own quality standards, which are equal to IHI's very exacting quality standards, and their performance is comparable to brand-new products.

Construction of Turbocharger

Construction of Turbocharger