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10th Jun.2010 The new system “LC-A” - LifeCycle Administrator - based on an innovative concept has been developed.

LifeCycle Administrator In order to minimize the life cycle cost of vessels, Diesel United, LTD. (hereinafter “DU”) has developed the unified system “LC-A” - LifeCycle Administrator .

Using high-efficiency sensors and the software for date analyses, LC-A automatically diagnoses main engine’s condition.

The most distinctive feature is LC-A system gets vessel managements much easier.
It is unnecessary to have communication between an office and a vessel to solve a problem on board as vessel crews can do with the help of the system.
Moreover, as a special note, the scope of operation can cover not only main engines but also the whole equipment in the engine room such as generators, turbines and so on.
As a complement service, DU let advanced engineers visit on board regularly to check present conditions of vessels.

LC-A reduces workload on vessel managements.
It responds to the high expectations of customers.

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