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3rd Jun.2010 The 26th CIMAC congress will be held in Bergen, Norway from 14th to 16th June 2010.

We will make technical presentations at the meeting.

Monday, 14th June 2010
“The piston-running behavior monitoring of large bore low-speed marine diesel engine at sea by measurement of piston ring oil film thickness and iron content in cylinder drain oil”
―Joint Research by IHI Corporation and Diesel United, Ltd.

Wednesday, 16th June 2010
“Development of new evaluation method for the influence of catalyst fines on abrasive wears of marine diesel engines burning heavy fuel oil”
―Independent Research by Diesel United, Ltd.

*CIMAC (Conseil International des Machines à Combustion, The International Council on Combustion Engines) were established in 1951, and it has been held every three years for those concerned with internal combustion, such as engine builders and scientists.

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