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Oct. 22.2010 We introduce a new version of “RT-flex58T-D”series.

The IMO Tier II regulations will enter into force on 1 January 2011, and we have added a new IMO Tier II -compliant RT-flex engine to our line-up.

With the common-rail systems for flexible fuel injection and flexible exhaust valve timing, electronically controlled engines enable combustion control in the whole load range, while the optimization of mechanical engines is limited to some extent because fuel injection and exhaust valve timing are controlled by a camshaft.

RT-flex engines can minimize the actual BSFC and NOx emissions in coordination with vessel operation modes.

Our new product, the Efficiency Optimized (EO) version of “RT-flex58T-D” has succeeded in reducing more by approx. 2.0g/kWh in the whole load range, compared with RT-flex58T-D “Cost Optimized” version.

The EO “RT-flex58T-D” is assumed to be fitted in Panamax bulk carriers, Aframax tankers, Pure car carriers, etc. The EO “RT-flex58T-D” offers you the best performance both commercially and environmentally.

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