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12th Apr. 2011 RT-flex Engines fuel consumption rates revised.

DU revised fuel consumption rates of WÄRTSILÄ Tier-Ⅱcompliant engines, based on updated data.

【Revised fuel consumption rates under Tier-Ⅱcondition】

Cost-optimized Efficiency-optimized
RT-flex48T-D 170 (-1.0g) ---
RT-flex50-B 171 (-2.0g) ---
RT-flex50-D --- 170 (-1.0g)
RT-flex58T-D 171 169 (added)
RT-flex82T 168 (-1.0g) 166 (-1.0g)
RT-flex96C-B 175 172 (-1.0g)
  • ◇  Values inside( )indicate difference to the previous data.
  • ◇  Please contact us for fuel consumption rates under designed output or part-load fuel consumption rates.

Besides low NOx emission, DU keeps working on manufacturing environment-friendly engines.

*These revised fuel consumption rates are not listed on the present RT-flex handbook.
Updated RT-flex handbook will be available soon.