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17th Jun. 2011 The catalogue “High-precision sensors” issued

DU works on developing valuable equipments to fulfill your needs for saving operation and maintenance cost of on-board machines.
This catalogue introduces following new devices for safer, more stable and efficient performance.

TF‐Detector (Trace‐Ferrous‐powder Detector)

TF-Detector detects magnetic particles in fluid of a size down to a few micro-meters with high resolution. On-line type and portable type are available.

Practical examples: Low-speed marine diesel engine, wind power plant, motor vehicle gearbox.

AWP‐KIT (Abrasive Wear Prevention Kit)

AWP-KIT evaluates the risk of abrasive wear by worn Fe powder density.
The risk of abrasive wear for cylinder liner is in accordance with amount, size, and hardness of particles in fuel oil.
The present method of risk evaluation is focused on chemical component (Si, Al) analysis, but it is not effective enough to evaluate the risk of abrasive wear for the reason above.
DU proposes a new and more precise method of risk evaluation of abrasive wear on board, using AWP-KIT and Portable TF-Detector.

MF‐Detector (Metal Fragment Detector)

MF-Detector is the metal particle detector.
MF-Detector can monitor not only magnetic particles as iron but also non-magnetic particles as white metal, aluminum, copper etc., and detectable minimum particle size is about 1.0mm.

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