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30th Jun. 2011 DU announces the launch of LifeCycle Administrator

DU starts sales of "LC-A ", LifeCycle Administrator, an originally-developed maintenance system.
"LC-A" is the total support package aimed to minimize life cycle cost of vessels.
It offers the entire support of your vessels by combination of software, hardware and onboard services by field engineers.

"LC-A" consists of "Standard services" and "Optional services". In the list of services, you will find the best solution for your needs.
Please see also: LifeCycle Administrator Services.

DU-WÄRTSILÄ RT-flex electronically-controlled marine engines are pre-equipped with sensors that indicate engine conditions in detail.
RT-flex engines enhanced with LC-A facilitate preventive maintenance and enable more efficient operation.

"LC-A" helps you reduce life cycle cost of your vessels.

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