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11th Oct. 2011 RTA / RT-flex82T-B engine type added to our line-up.

Today large container operators’ demand is rising for low-load operation, which is now widely applied to the next-generation VLCCs and VLOCs.

To meet the demand in the marine market, we have added RTA / RT-flex82T-B engine type to our line-up.

RTA / RT-flex82T-B engine, the advanced version of RTA / RT-flex82T, has increased the output by approximately 5% with the same cylinder bore and piston stroke.

Engine Type RT-flex82T
Cylinder Bore     (mm) 820 820
Piston Stroke     (mm) 3375 3375
Rating Point R1 R1+ R1 R1+
Speed                  (rpm) 76 80 76 84
Power                  (kw) 4520 4520 4750 4750
Number of Cylinders 6 - 9 6 - 9

* For details (e.g. fuel consumption), please feel free to contact us.

* A tolerance of fuel consumption rate of low-speed engines designed by WÄRTSILÄ is set +5% all power range.

RT-flex engines enable the optimum tuning, adapting to the operational condition, therefore it has a strong advantage in part-load fuel consumption compared with mechanical engines.

RT-flex engines are overall equipped with sensors so as to collect the entire data. In combination with
LC-A,LifeCycle Administrator,RT-flex engines can prevent engine troubles at an early stage and help minimize the life cycle cost of your vessels.

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