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8th Nov.2011 New Models X62 and X72 released

DU releases new series of environment-friendly common rail engines, WÄRTSILÄ X62 and WÄRTSILÄ X72.

WÄRTSILÄ X62 covers the power range from 8,000kW to 21,280kW, and is suitable for panamax bulkers, aframax tankers and small container vessels.

WÄRTSILÄ X72 covers the power range from 10,800kW to 28,880kW, and is suitable for capesize bulkers, suezmax tankers and medium-sized container vessels.

These new engines enable the optimum tuning as well as RT-flex engines, adapting to the operational condition. Therefore it has an advantage in part-load fuel consumption compared with mechanical engines.

Cylinder Bore      (mm) 620 720
Piston Stroke      (mm) 2658 3086
Rating Point R1 R1+ R1 R1+
Speed                  (rpm) 97 103 84 89
Power                  (kw) 2660 2660 3610 3610
Number of Cylinders 4 - 8 4 - 8

These engines are overall equipped with sensors so as to collect the entire data.

In combination with LC-A, these engines can prevent engine troubles at an early stage and help minimize the life cycle cost of your vessels.

*WÄRTSILÄ implements a new naming system with these models, and the new system is as follows:


DU provides electronically controlled common rail engines to take social and environmental responsibility.

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