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28th Dec. 2011 RT-flex58T-E engine added to our line-up.

RT-flex58T-E engine with low fuel consumption and more increased power is added to RTA/RT-flex58T engine series which are mainly used to Panamax bulk carriers and Aframax tankers.

In comparison with RT-flex58T-D, the maximum power of RT-flex58T-E engine increases 4% without changing the cylinder bore and the piston stroke.

The maximum continuous power of 2,350 kW/cylinder is achieved by increasing the BMEP from 20.2 to 21 bars at an unchanged R1 speed of 105rpm.

Engine Type RT-flex58T-D RT-flex58T-E
Cylinder Bore                (mm) 580 580
Piston Stroke                (mm) 2416 2416
Rating Point R1 R1
Speed                            (rpm) 105 105
bmep                              (bar) 20.2 21.0
Power/Cylinder             (kw) 2260 2350
Number of Cylinders 5 - 8 5 - 8
Power range                  (kw) 11,300 - 18,080 11,750 - 18,800
Fuell consumption  (g/kWhr) 169 169

RT-flex engines are overall equipped with sensors so as to collect the entire data.

In combination with LC-A, these engines can prevent engine troubles at an early stage and minimize the life cycle cost of your vessels.

We are trying to provide more improved products and services to give full satisfaction to all our customers.

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