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24th Apr. 2012 DU has formed a business tie-up with Rong An and SOMEC.

Diesel United

Diesel United, Ltd. (hereinafter DU), Hefei Rong An Power Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter Rong An), and Sojitz Marine & Engineering Corporation (hereinafter SOMEC) agreed with business strategic cooperation of marine diesel engines and the signing ceremony was held at Rong An’s head office in Hefei China on 24th April 2012.

Details of the agreement included an installing LC-A (Life Cycle Administrator) in engines manufactured by Rong An, mutual aid of engine parts, dispatching service engineers, and exchanging comprehensive information.

Rong An, SOMEC, and DU, make an effort to contribute all customers’ need over life cycle of ships from new engine building to on board service.