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10th Jan. 2013 An available range of RT-flex58T-D ER-3 is extended

The newly developed engine "RT-flex58T-D ER-3" is generating many inquiries from a lot of customers.


RT-flex58T-D ER-3 was designed as the optimum engine for current energy-saving panamax bulk carrier and it will be released into the market in 2013. Moreover DU reviewed the output range of the engines in order to meet the market demands for the smaller vessels like Handymax bulkers. For the meantime the fuel consumption ratio was much improved.


As a result of this revision, the minimum output is changed from 1,420kW/cylinder to 1,080kW/cylinder and minimum engine speed is expanded from 82min-1 to 80min-1.

And the revision of the maximum combustion pressure (pmax) also reduced the fuel consumption rate from 169g/kWh to 167g/kWh at the maximum continuous rating (R1 point).


RT-flex engines can provide Standard Tuning, Delta Tuning and Low-Load Tuning in propotion to the actual operation of individual ships.


DU-WÄRTSILÄ RT-flex electronically-controlled common-rail engines are equipped with various sensors that comprehend engine conditions in detail.
In combination with LC-A service package, it contributes to save the lifecycle cost of your vessels by preventive maintenance, optimum operation setting and safety operation.


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