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16th Jan.2013 DU celebrated the 1,000th order worldwide of WÄRTSILÄ RT-flex engines

DU has won a 7RT-flex82T-B order from IHI Marine United Inc. (present Japan Marine United Inc.) for a VLCC owned by JX Tanker Company Limited. This is the 1,000th order worldwide of WÄRTSILÄ RT-flex engines.


The world's first RT-flex engine was launched in 2001. And soon DU built RT-flex engines first in Japan, to meet growing awareness of global environment. Since then, DU has always been the frontrunner in the field of electronically controlled marine diesel engines.


DU-WÄRTSILÄ 7RT-flex82T-B is designed for energy-saving VLCCs, and is a leader energy efficiency in its category. And well-proven performance of RT-flex82T engines, the actual results of 7RT-flex82T-B were also the key to the contract.


RT-flex electronically controlled engines apply common-rail systems for fuel injection. And it enables, under the IMO NOx Tier II emission regulations, high energy efficiency, smokeless operation and smooth running at low speed. In addition, the optimum tuning is available in accordance with operating conditions. It helps improve considerably energy efficiency in part-load operation compared to mechanically controlled engines.



commemoration of 1,000th order

         【Commemoration of 1,000th order worldwide of WÄRTSILÄ RT-flex engines】