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16th May.2013 DU exhibits "BARI-SHIP 2013" Imabari maritime fair.

flex engineDU will exhibit “BARI-SHIP 2013” Imabari maritime fair. This is the only international maritime exhibition held in West Japan and over 240 companies from Japan, South Korea, China, Singapore and Norway will exhibit this time.
We will give you latest information of flex engines and LC-A as well as various technology at this fair. Furthermore, we will take place an event “Ballpoint Pen Craft Center” for children and they could get the pen for free.
Please mark the dates in your diary and make sure that you visit BARI-SHIP 2013 and our booth.


BARI-SHIP Imabari maritime fair 2013
Dates: 23-25 May 2013
Opening Hours: 10:00-17:00
Venue: Texport Imabari, Imabari Computer College
Our booth: C2-12

         DU booth

■ Presentation
23 May  14:30-15:00  Room-C
Latest information of RT-flex Electronically Controlled Common-rail Diesel Engine

24 May  13:45-14:15  Room-C
Latest information of Maintenance and Operation Support System “LC-A”


■ Events for Kids
25 May  10:30-12:30  Seminar room-C at Imabari Computer College

    “Ballpoint Pen Craft Center”