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3rd Jun. 2013 World's first "RT-flex58T-D ER-3" engine delivered

The official shop trial and overhaul inspection for the first ‘RT-flex58T-D ER-3 engine in the world was carried out by the ship owner and the ship yard from 20th May to 21st May. This engine achieved its excellent performance as planned and the world’s first ‘6RT-flex58T-D ER-3’ engine was delivered to Japan Marine United (JMU).


RT-flex58T-D ER-3 is based on RT-flex58 type engines which has high reliability by many experiences, and the cylinder bore size is shortened from 580mm to 550mm and the up-to-date technology such as FAST (Fuel Actuated Sacless Technology) nozzleis equipped.
This technology enables to be suitable for newly developed eco-ships by ship yards, in particular, for Panamax bulk carrier.





RT-flex58T-D ER-3

Cylinder Bore(mm)


Piston Stroke (mm)


Power/Cylinder (kW) at R1


Speed (min-1)

80 - 105

Bmep (bar) at R1


Number of Cylinders

5 - 7

Power Range (kW)

5,400 – 14,245

Specific Fuel Consumption (g/kWh) at R1



DU-WÄRTSILÄ RT-flex electronically-controlled common-rail engines are equipped with various sensors that comprehend engine conditions in detail.

In combination with LC-A service package, it contributes to save the lifecycle cost of your vessels by preventive maintenance, optimum operation setting and safety operation.

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