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February 8th.2014 World's first "W7X82" engine delivered.

The shop test for the first W7X82 engine was successfully completed at DU’s Aioi Works at the end of last December and was shipped to JMU Kure shipyard on 8th February 2014.
This is also memorable the 1,000th order worldwide of Wärtsilä electronically controlled engines (RT-flex and W-X series).
Wärtsilä X-Generation engines (long stroke) from W-X35 to W- X92 was developed to fulfill the market need of reducing fuel consumption by improving both engine and propeller efficiency. High-performance product like FAST injectors (fast actuated sacless technology), Pulse Jet cylinder lubrication etc are already adapted to Wärtsilä X-Generation engines as standard equipment.


The key benefits compared to products available in the market today are:
- Lower speed and optimized stroke-to-bore ratio offering best engine and propulsion efficiency
- Optimized Total Cost of Ownership
- Lowest manufacturing costs with high reliability as first priority
- Optimized installation at shipyards with beneficial ancillary power requirements
- Reduced CO2, SOX and NOX emissions, offering yards excellent possibilities to fulfill the EEDI definition
- Fully compliant with the NOX emissions regulation of Annex IV of the MARPOL 1973/78 convention for Tier II and/or Tier III
- R1/R1+ concept offering flexibility for selecting the most effective propulsion system for defined ship applications.