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April 2nd.2014 DU marked the 50th anniversary of the technical license agreement for S.E.M.T Pielstick.

DU-S.E.M.T. Pielstick engines (hereinafter PC engines) are the medium-speed, four-stroke diesel engine developed by S.E.M.T (present, MAN diesel SAS) as compact and high-power one.
S.E.M.T was the licenser of PC engines. After S.E.M.T was jointly run by MAN Diesel, PC engines remain as deep-rooted as ever and are still supplied to the market.
DU has a lot of good records for PC engines both domestic and overseas as the main engine of cruise ships, car ferries, and special ships like naval escort and the diesel generator for thermal power plants in islands or inland area.
In 1964 Ishikawajima-Harima (present IHI Ltd.), our parent company, made the technical license agreement with S.E.M.T. and now DU marked the 50th anniversary of it.


Manufacturing PC engines at DU are following;


PC2-6 (6~18cyl 3,300kw~9,900kw)

After the launch of PC2.6 type in 1982, this one acquires firm favorite and a lot of engines have been delivered. This type is suitable for the main engine of ferry boats, cargos and for generator units.

PC2-6B (1220cyl 9,000kw15,000kw)


PC2.6 B type is newly released for the main engine of ferry boats and for generator units in 2004.


PC4-2B (12~18cyl 15,900~23,850kw)


PC4.2 B type has been released in 1993 and is suitable for the large ferry boats, RO/RO ships and generator units.


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