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DU receives  new order for two additional dual fuel engines “5RT-flex50DF”.

We, Diesel United, Ltd. (hereinafter: DU) have delivered two units of 5RT-flex50DF for one asphalt tanker and one chemical tanker to be built by Besiktas Gemi Insa A.S. (hereinafter: Besiktas) and have received an order for two additional similar engines from the same shipyard for two additional chemical tankers.


These engines shall be fitted onboard the asphalt tanker and the chemical tankers owned by Transport Desgagnés Inc. (hereinafter: TDI), Canadian Shipowner and put into service in Canada/U.S.A. area. 5RT-flex50DF engines have been evaluated and selected as the most competitive in terms of operational cost and high compliance with environmental regulation.


DU has delivered the first 5RT-flex50DF engine in November 2015 followed by the second engine delivered in March 2016.  With the new order, DU will deliver a total of 4 X-DF engines.


DU together with Winterthur Gas & Diesel Ltd. (hereinafter: WinGD) and IHI Corporation has jointly started the development for the dual fuel combustion engine technology having the test engine W6X72DF in our Aioi Works.


DU has confirmed the specified performance and NOx level which has cleared the requirement of Tire-III standard (in gas mode) on the above-mentioned engines.


Many Shipowners including Canadian owner TDI, have made their feasibility study for low pressure dual fuel engines for not only LNG carriers, but also various type of ships such as container vessels, tankers or ordinary cargo vessels.




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