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About i-Gryphon

Gryphon is a mythical creature with the wings and upper body of an eagle and the lower body of a lion and was able to fly grabbing several cows and horses together.

“i-Gryphon” was named after its features of the lifting-up of heavy goods into the air, watchful eyes while hovering, high information gathering capability and intelligent control.

Advantages of i-Gryphon

Heavy Payload Heavy payload
Longer endurance Longer endurance
Longer operational range Longer operational range
Autonomous control Autonomous control
Safety Safety
With engine driven high thrust force and stable attitude control by electric fans, i-Gryphon is characterized by heavier payload and longer endurance than that of conventional battery powered multi-copters, as well as by greater safety than unmanned helicopters.

Use Cases

Carrying Heavy Goods
Carrying Heavy Goods
Petrol powered hybrid drone i-Gryphon can both carry heavy goods and fly longer. Equipped with propeller guards, the drone is able to make a vertical ascent and descent. It can also take off and land on places surrounded by trees and buildings. The strong attitude control by electric motor driven propellers enables it to fly stably even in bad weather conditions.
Delivering High Quality Images
Delivering High Quality Images
i-Gryphon is equipped with visible and infrared cameras with high precision capabilities including HD image quality and 10-times optical zoom. The gimbal mechanism of the drone enables it to take pictures and video shots from any direction. As its payload weight is great enough, high accuracy cameras, LIDAR and sophisticated sensors can also be installed.
Transmitting Data
Transmitting Data
Various image data can be transmitted in real time remotely through 4G LTE network. A user can operate installed communication devices by using electric power generated by the drone (* this is optional). This feature can be used for various purposes such as relaying radio waves in the sky.
i-Gryphon can be used for a wide range of tasks, based on capabilities of longer endurance, heavy payload as well as devices (*1) that a user can operate using electric power generated by the drone (*2).
Note: *1 A user needs to install their own devices. *2 Regulator and rectifier circuits are required.



Dimensional drawing Dimensional drawing
Dimensions & Weight Full Length 3180mm Propeller arm folded: 1500mm
Overall width 3180mm Propeller arm folded: 2410mm
Overall height 1200mm Propeller arm folded: 1800mm
Empty Weight 105kg Including gimbal video camera(HD & IR) , Surround view camera , 4G LTE communication device
Maximum takeoff weight 149kg
Maximum payload weight 44kg Including fuel weight
Range 50km Condition: Payload 36kg, Loaded Fuel 11kg ,Cruise Speed 60m/h, with 4G LTE communication
Maximum wind speed resistance 14m/s Gust wind speed
Cruise speed 60km/h No wind condition
Hover Ceiling out of ground effect 3000m with 10kg of payload and fuel. Out of ground effect.
Operational Range 2km with radio controller (2.4GHz)
50km with 4G LTE communication device
Electric Power Supply ( Optional ) DC 60W(24V) Supply voltage and amps are subject to negotiation
Operating Temperature Range -10℃*1 to +40℃ *1 Requires preheating the battery and electric parts below 0℃
Drip-proof IPX4 Designed for use in rain condition
Disconnected radio wave Automatic return to emergency location or landing on the ground Return point can be set before flying Geofence can also be set before hand.
Safety when falling(optional) Hardpoint preparation for parachute
Engine Type Rotary
Displacement 600cc
Fuel Unleaded 95 Octane of higher
Lubrication Oil for 2 cyle engines Fuel-oil mix of 50:1 Use manufacturer-specified oil.
  • *Export of this drone may need prior approval of Japanese government.
  • *The use of 4G LTE network needs a contract with a mobile carrier.
  • *This drone is under development and its specifications will be subject to change without notice.



  • Exhibitions: World Robot Summit 2020 in Fukushima- “Roboichi ”
    Date: October 8 to 10, 2021
  • Exhibitions : World Robot Summit 2020 in Aichi
    Date: September 9 to 12, 2021
  • Information of our hybrid drone i-Gryphon to be available on our homepage on October 1, 2021.


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