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Unmanned Ground System

We are researching robots for gathering information or disposing of dangerous objects and obstacles in areas that are difficult for humans to enter, in situations due to disaster or terrorist attacks. These robots must be moved and operated remotely in complicated environments, so the robots must have a certain level of intelligence and movement mechanisms that can traverse over rubble and stairs. We are researching and developing the core technologies necessary to realize these types of robots. For example, we are researching technologies to recognize traversable terrain from topographical information gathered from sensors (environment recognition technology), technologies to plan traversable paths by combining human instruction with these recognition results (behavior control technology), technologies for higher maneuverability with movable wheels and tracks, and technologies that enable multiple robots to cooperate and move together. In the future, we will heighten these robot technologies while continuing development of practical robots that meet society’s needs. Through this, we aim to realize robots that can release humans from hazardous tasks in case of coping with disaster, reconstruction and other similar situations.

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