Calender Machine Lines/Plastic and Rubber Calenders

Since delivering the first calender machine in 1955, IHI Logistics & Machinery has offered a comprehensive service for premium quality calenders backed by a solid track record; encompassing everything from design to manufacturing and after-sale service. We respond to various requests, such as rubber sheet calenders for vehicle tires and calenders for various plastics and films.

  • Enhanced product accuracy and yield with high-accuracy rolls and various control technologies
  • Long life and easy to operate with the adoption of a special bearing
  • Easy-to-clean roll surface and simple lot changes for color switches
  • FA proposals for the entire plant, covering everything from material supply to product handling

Calender Machine Products

Calender for Plastics

IHI Calender Machine is available for processing PVC film, optical film and other new materials.

Basic Performance

  • Product thickness: 30-1.8mm
  • Maximum production quantity: 3,000kg/hr
  • Maximum production speed:250m/min
  • Operation factor: Full operation 24 hours a day
Calender for Plastics

Calender for Rubber

IHI Calender Machine is available for processing rubber sheet for tires for passenger cars, trucks buses and heavy machinery.


  • 1) High productivity and product accuracy
  • 2) Lot change in short time, High operating rates
  • 3) Easy cleaning and adaptability to clean environment
  • 4) Energy conservation
Calender for Rubber

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