Compressors are crucial in providing high quality compressed air for utility, instrumentation and other processes for various industries and power plants. IHI is able to offer advanced and state of the art compressors capable of a variety of innovative, superior quality, energy efficient, long life cycle, easy operation and environmentally compressors for process applications to clients all around the world.

Compressor Products

Industrial Air Centrifugal Compressors (Oil-Free)

A type of compressor that is able to discharge 100% oil-free air. You are able to choose the most appropriate model for your intended application from the wide range of product line-up of compressors we have available. The high durability and reliability of the compressor helps to contribute to a more stable and efficient operation of the compressor at the client’s site. (Made in Japan quality).

Industrial Air Compressors (Oil-Free)

Process Gas Centrifugal Compressors (Oil-Free)

Capable of handling air, oxygen, nitrogen and hydrocarbon gases. Applications in variety of plants such as air separation or steel manufacturing facilities and others.

Process Gas Compressors (Oil-Free)

Process gas reciprocating compressors

We are able to offer API-618 compliant reciprocating compressors capable of handling a wide range of flammable, corrosive and cryogenic type of gases. At our Chonburi factory in Thailand, we are able to manufacture small to medium-sized compressors (frames 18H, 20H, 23H). We are also able to offer full skid compressor package solutions to our clients all around the world through collaboration with compressor packaging companies.

Process gas reciprocating compressors

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