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IHI provides a wide variety of power generating products including gas turbines, diesel engines and gas engines with simple-cycle, co-generation and combined-cycle power systems. We also provide remote monitoring, engine and turbine maintenance, and other services throughout product lifecycles.

Gas Turbine Power Generation Systems

Gas turbine power plant “LM6000”

These are 100 MW class power plants that combine two LM6000 gas turbines, two heat recovery steam generators and one steam turbine to produce the world's most efficient power generation, and best environmental performance and reliability.


Gas turbine power plant “LM2500”

These are 20 to 30 MW class power plants that use the highly efficient and reliable gas turbine.
LM2500 is a lightweight and compact gas turbine derived from aero engine.


Gas Engine Power Generation Systems

Gas Engine“28AGS Series & 28AG Series”

These gas engines significantly contribute to CO2 reduction by operating at high efficiency using natural gas, city gas and low calorie gases as well as low calorie gases such as those generated in gasification melting furnaces.
The 1,000 – 6,000 kW spark plug ignition type AGS series and micro-pilot ignition type AG series are supplied both within Japan and overseas as stationary power generators.

28AGS Series & 28AG Series

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