IC Reactors (Internal Circulation Reactor)

Our IC reactor (Internal Circulation Reactor) is a high speed anaerobic effluent treatment system featuring a fermentation bio-reactor, that generates methane biogas from anaerobic organisms. By effectively utilizing the biomass from wastewater, it is the ideal solution to “achieve energy production through water treatment”.

Key Features

  • Efficient COD removal
  • Production of green energy
  • Good capability to handle influent fluctuations
  • High reliability - Self-regulating through the internal circulation
  • Compact, small footprint

Apply Conditions dit

  • COD >1,000 mg/L,BOD> 600mg/l
  • SS < 1,000 mg/L
  • Temp: 30~38 ℃
  • pH: 6~8
  • Specific methane production rate: 0.35 Nm3/KgCOD
  • No presence of toxic components*

* Inhibitors of biogas producing bacteria

IC Reactors
IC Reactors

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