Ozone Air Cleaner eZ-100 Air Cleaners with HEPA filters

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Ozone Inactivates Covid-19! Infection control with IHI's ozone technology.
Utilized in medical and welfare facilities etc.

Ozone Air Cleaner eZ-100 is effective not only for the new coronavirus 2019 but also for PM2.5 and other sterilization, virus decomposition/removal, deodorization and dust collection! It is highly effective for the place people gather at and the place concerned to be infected.
Double HEPA filters will trap viruses and bacteria from contaminated air. Then, Ozone gas kills the viruses and bacteria.

What is Ozone?

When there are people in the room : [Air Cleaner mode]

The machine vacuums the air inside the room to disinfect, trap dust, deodorize unsatisfactory smells with ozone and the antiviral HEPA filters contained inside. Pathogens trapped by the filters are degraded and removed by ozone, which prevents secondary pollution inside the machine. Ozone will revert to oxygen, so fresh air is released from the machine into the room. This process is repeated to keep the air in the room clean.

When NO ONE is in the room : [Ozone Generation mode]

The machine will release ozone gas dispersing throughout every corner of the room and thus provides a thorough clean room. With the ozone released at the highest level of the same product lines, It effectively eliminates germs and unpleasant odors, from airborne germs to bacteria and odors ingrained on walls, ceilings, or behind objects.
After ozone fumigation, the air cleaner will operate ozone decomposition process automatically to decompose ozone gas. No harm to the users of the room as there is no Ozone residue left.

Suitable Space Size of Ozone Generation Mode

Operating Time 30 minutes 2 hours 8 hours 12 hours
<For Deodorization>
Suitable Floor Space
10-25 ㎡ 25-100 ㎡ 100-200 ㎡ 200- ㎡
<For Disinfection>
Suitable Floor Space
N/A 18 ㎡ 45-90 ㎡ 90-120 ㎡

Delivery Record

Air Cleaners with HEPA filter (including our eZ-100) had been sold more than 15,000 units in Japan.

Facilities Usage Examples
Hospitals Patient's rooms, Examination rooms, Isolation rooms, Waiting Area, Lounge
Nursing Homes Living rooms, Lounge
Kindergarten Schools Playgrounds, Infant rooms
School First-aid Room
Pharmacy Waiting area
Factories Offices, Production lines, Restaurants, Locker rooms
Restaurants Public area, Kitchen
Golf Clubs Recreation rooms, Locker rooms, Washrooms
Sports Gym Public area, Locker rooms, Washrooms
Live Houses Musician rooms, Audience hall


Ozone Production Volume:Air cleaner mode : 0.015g/h (20℃, 60%RH)
Ozone generation mode : 0.6g/h (20℃, 60%RH)
Voltage:AC100V (220V is available when using step-down transformer.)
Frequency :50/60Hz
Power Consumption:Ozone generation mode: 65W
Air cleaner mode: 52W
Dimension:W 500 x D183 x H 650 mm
Weight:19 kg

What is Ozone?

Ozone is an invisible gaseous substance in the atmosphere, produced by electric discharges of lightning and ultraviolet rays(UV) from the sun. In the air we inhale has a thin amount of ozone. Ozone can be found in the atmosphere about 30 kilometers above the ground and the thickness of the ozone layer is about 2-3 mm (density at 10-20 ppm). The ozone layer is capable of absorbing about 95% of strong ultraviolet rays from the sun, which is like a shield against UV rays from reaching the earth. Without the ozone layer, humans, plants, bacteria pathogens will not be able to survive.
Ozone has strongest oxidative power in eliminating pathogens, bacteria and is effective in deodorization, which thus becomes a popular sterilization application nowadays because it is safe to people and the environment.

In May 2020, a research team led by Nara Medical University confirmed that ozone gas exposure can inactivate the new strain of coronavirus.
http://www.naramed-u.ac.jp/university/kenkyu-sangakukan/oshirase/r2nendo/ozon.html (Page P.3)

What is Ozone?

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