Shield Machine Case Study, MRT Blue Line Extension Project, Bangkok

Case study of EPB Shield Machine. In the Bangkok metro (Blue Line Extension project), we provided the EPB Shield Machine customized with “Corn Cutter Head” and “Special Cutting Tool” that cuts obstacles, such as concrete piles that may be encountered on the underground alignment on the way, sequentially from the center to outer peripheral side of the obstacles and excavated tunnels.

[PJ Condition]
  • Segment Size : OD6,350 /ID5,700 /W1,200mm
  • Excavation Length : 5,100m
  • Overburden : 38m
  • Curve : 200 mR (Mini)
  • Geology : Clay, Sand Layer
Shield Machine
TYPE OF PROJECT Tunnel Construction, Shield Machines
IHI SCOPE Design and Manufacturing of Φ6.55m EPB Shield Machine.
CLIENT Italian-Thai Development PLC.
CONSORTIUM/JV JIM Technology Corporation
LOCATION Bangkok, Thailand
DURATION Jun. 2011 - Apr. 2012
YEAR OF COMPLETION Aug. 2016 *(completion of excavation)

Other Project Highlights

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