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Industrial Machinery

Calender Lines

Since delivering the fi rst machine in 1955, IHI Logistics & Machinery has offered a comprehensive service for premium quality calenders backed by a solid track record; encompassing everything from design to manufacturing and after-sale service. We respond to various requests, such as rubber sheet calenders for vehicle tires and calenders for various plastics and films.

  • Enhanced product accuracy and yield with high-accuracy rolls and various control technologies
  • Long life and easy to operate with the adoption of a special bearing
  • Easy-to-clean roll surface and simple lot changes for color switches
  • FA proposals for the entire plant, covering everything from material supply to product handling


Calender for rubber

  • Production of rubber sheets for tires used in passenger vehicles, trucks, buses and heavy machinery

Calender for plastic

  • Not only for high-precision PVC film, sheets and optical
    film but also for the processing of new materials for
    various uses.

Creel Auto Loading

  • A system to automatically replace bobbins using a robot hand.

Automatic feed control system (AFC)

  • A system to automatically control material supply amount.

Stepping Cylinders

High precision positioning devices for all kind of inhospitable environment
Mainly we provide for iron manufacturing and paper manufacturing.

We’ll setting then out with a great force!

Pulp & Paper Machinery

We are providing engineering, manufacturing and after-sales service for Pulp & Paper Machinery and Industrial Machinery.

MSS MultiScreen

Head box


Our slitter is ideal for cutting ultrathin aluminum and copper foils in high speed and high accuracy. End products after cutting are mainly used as packing materials for foods, medicines and electronics.

Separator for aluminum foil - Slitter

Slitter for electrolytic copper foil

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