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Stepping Cylinders

Stepping Cylinders
Stepping Cylinders

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“IHI Stepping Cylinder” is a hydro-electric positioning device with a built-in IHI original mechanical feedback mechanism, and it can manage positioning pressure and keep its position, in the same time.
It can control position and moving speed as you need, by pulse signal control system.
It also can move with multi cylinder control in the unified pulse signal, and we will provide the multi cylinder simultaneous motion with high accuracy, without any adjustment of servo motor loop.
It doesn’t need positioning sensor, so it has so simple mechanism.
And, it has self-adjustment feature for the load-changing. So, it has the excellent keep positioning performance.
NA grade #9 - #11 is acceptable for lubrications, so you can get the these high performance in very low cost.
We also have SUS material stepping machine, and it well used in the industrial machinery, with the IP-67grade, and it will keep move in a harsh environment.

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