Hybrid Tug System


Tugboats are small work boats that assist in bringing large ships to shore,mostly in harbors,and they are deployed in large numbers at ports throughout the world.
These ports,where large numbers of these ships are gathered,are located near areas of human activity,and so many concerns over reducing their environmental impact have emerged.
For many years,NIIGATA has been providing marine engines,Z-PELLER®s and control systems as tugboat propulsion systems.We're now pushing ahead with the development of the "NIIGATA Hybird System",as a new type of system that is friendly to the environment.

Advantages of the Hybrid System

Tugboats, which are designed to produce maximum output during operation, experience fluctuations in their engine-load factor while being piloted.
The reason is that they are run at low output while traveling from one place to another or while returning to port.
On the other hand, the efficiency of diesel engines drops when load is low, and thus fuel consumption tends to worsen.
Hybrid tugboats use a propulsion system that combines conventional shaft drives with the driving force of the electric motor, so that optimal performance in various types of operations is achieved.Through this arrangement, fuel consumption is drastically reduced.